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13 July 2012

Happy Friday =]

good afternoon readers !

its already July and trial is getting closer . omg omg omg . kill me .
a lot of things are going on right now ... well . my friends .. breaking up thingy .. CRUSHIESSSS !! [ Atie .. sila terasa okay ? ] and so on .
as usual . WE are very healthy . hahaha . i miss him .. the last time i met him was on the 30th June . had dinner with my family and his family =")
now he's busy with his studies . he is studying with his friend . Affan . now . so yeahh ...

i miss blogging . too bad i'm stuck with Twitter . lolx !!

sorry if i keep on skipping topics . i'm just spilling out everything from my mind .

my cousin is getting engaged tomorrow . FOREVER JEALOUS !! he's like my brother .. his mother which is my aunt , and also my 2nd mother used to take care of me when i was small . we got close . me and the family . i just don't want us to lose the bond or anything . i just love them ... *tersentuh seketika*
and macam biasalah . selalu je angan2 nak kahwin . mwahahahahahahaha

the lappy is hot *tetibe je

i'll try to restore my blog again . hee .

love you .
Thanks for reading !

10 May 2012


had history test today . and it was @#$%^&* . lol . yeah . only paper 2 la . like that

whatever . my bloggie wajah baru . hee . and HE is guling2 ing on the bed . and its so cute . lol . currently skyping with my BUSUK

and i'm bored . lol . esok exam chemist paper 1 and bio paper 1 . okay la tu . hahaha . i hope it will turn out fine .

yeah . tu je . lol .


k bye .

love you
Thanks for reading !

08 May 2012

The Day Before Tomorrow .

hey guys ! sorry for not updating . im lazy . lolx my blog is full of dust . i'm trying to clean it up ;)

i'm having my examination this week . unfortunately , i was sick for the whole week last week so i was admitted at KPJ since Tuesday but i managed to get out on Friday . it was supposed to be on Saturday but the doctor let me out early ;)
i was really bored staying there . i get sleepy all the time . diarrhea for 5 times ...? yeah it really sucks .

so . forget about the hospital thingy . i can't wait for tomorrow although i won't be meeting him . i'm really grateful having him in my life . like seriously . he's the most wonderful guy i have ever met . and i hope he'll be my wedded husband one day . lol

kecik2 dah gataiiiiiiii

well . it's just a dream . i hope it will come true.

yes we've been through a lot of argument and everything . but thank God we managed to go through everything really well .
and i wonder why . most of my friends are having problem with their love ones . i mean like . argue here and there . sulking here and there . i'm like OHH COME ON . GET A LIFE ! i tried to help them but none of it worked =/so i think i'll just let them be . but sometimes i couldn't help myself ! damn ~

so that's all for today .

Thanks for reading !

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